5 Incredible Budget Travel Destinations

You don’t have a fortune to spend but you want to travel? Do not worry, you can travel and enjoy every moment of it even with a limited budget.

To make that possible, there are some simple rules and suggestions to follow.

First of all, to save a significant amount of money on the accommodation, try to travel before or at the end of the season. You will also avoid unbearable crowds and rush. Pack rationally and wear as little luggage as possible.

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Be sure to check all available ticket purchase sources because ticket prices vary and you want to get it as cheap as possible.

Compare the prices of an organized trip with the price of a trip in which you’ll be your own guide.  Choose the option that fits your budget the best.

And then, when you finally reach your desired destination, think about various ways you can save time and money.

As for the accommodation, try not to be too picky. Maybe you won’t have trendy decorated room or an apartment, but it is important to have a nice, clean and quiet accommodation and to see as much as possible of the place you arrived in.

If you can, travel with a group of friends so you can split the cost.

Keep in mind how much money you have and what you can afford but do not forget to enjoy!

Knowing all this, we selected 5 best travel destinations that are not too expensive but they have a lot to offer.


Sunny Malta is one of the best destinations to visit. Because of its low prices, this island is very popular swimming site. We recommend you to avoid July and August because that is when the season is at its pick and so are the prices. The best option when it comes to Malta is to travel in May, June or at the beginning of the September when prices are way more affordable.

What to see in Malta?

Because of its specific geographic location, cultural heritage is a fusion of many cultures that were In touch with this island. Direct contact with the history of this place you will find in the Capitol Valletta, named after the Grand Master of the Orden of Saint John – Jean Parisot de Valette.

You will be charmed by the sea side and the colorful architecture accompanied by the sense of peace and harmony in which you’ll enjoy every single day.

Visit the most important sites:

  • Medieval city of Mdina and the Palazzo Falson;
  • Village of Marsaxlokk;
  • It-Tokk market in Victoria Gozo;
  • John’s Cavalier Art Centre;
  • Fontanella Tea Rooms…

Santorini, Greece

Magical Santorini – a delicacy for those who love uniqueness, fantastic beaches, and amazing night life.

kamari beach photo
Photo by Joye~

It is a volcanic island, one of the biggest and most beautiful of what Aegaen see has to offer. Capitol Thira is located at the top of the island, 260 meters above the sea level. It is connected to the port at the foothill with 566 stairs. Walking down this stairs is a real adventure, it gives you an amazing view of the seaside and city architecture, and if you find this too much, you can rent a donkey for an additional adventurous experience.

What to see in the magical Santorini?

Magical Santorini got its name with a reason: it is like a heaven molded with lava. This crescent island, the jewel of Greece, has to offer many amazing sites to visit:

  • Amoudi Bay – great if you want to go cliff jumping;
  • Fira Trail – amazing sunset;
  • Kamari Beach;
  • Akrotiri Village and the Red Beach;
  • Stairs of Oia…

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the Capital of South Korea, the center of modern architecture and advanced technology, is modern metropolis fused with Buddhist religion and huge street markets. Only a few years ago, traditional Korean spirit was dominant, but now, the situation is completely different and it is believed that the major role in this cultural transformation had the alcohol.

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If you want to have fun like the locals do, you won’t want to miss karaoke. Cheap, but unforgettable fun.

In Seoul, the Internet is the fastest than anywhere else in the world, city trains do not late and public toilets are impeccably clean.

Places to visit in Seoul: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Myeongdong, Namsan Tower, Cheong Wa Dae, Itaewon, Lotte World…

Cape Point, South Africa

Cape Point is located near the Cape of Good Hope and is considered to be the place where Atlantic and Indian ocean meet.

The main symbol of the Cape Point is for sure African penguins at Boulder Beach. With a distinctive combination of rocky mountains and wavy ocean, Cape Point offers quiet but exotic experience. You will be amazed with architecture, locals and, of course, food – inexpensive yet delicious specialties.

If you want to explore Cape Point and to get the most out of this experience and all that with reasonable prices, we suggest you visit: Table Mountain National Park, Robenn Island, Lighthouse, Ostrich farm, vineyards…

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital as well as the largest city in Portugal. It is one of those specific cities, boemic and romantic, that will, because of simple beauty, stay in your heart forever.

Lisbon is a great destination for small budget travelers. The biggest cost will be flight and accommodation so it is the best to book the flights and accommodation far-in-advance because there are no penalties for changing plans or even canceling.

torre de belem photo
Photo by Infomastern

Food, drinks, handmade gifts, public transportation – are all significantly cheaper compared to other big cities. One flaw of traveling to Lisbon is that nightlife and electronic goods are very expensive, especially medications. Be sure to bring your own medicaments and cosmetics because they are ridiculously expensive in Portugal.

What to see in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a unique combination of ancient and medieval culture mixed with uprising modern style. Having that in mind, we selected several locations that you don’t want to miss while in Lisbon:

  • Torre de Belem;
  • Vasco da Gama Bridge;
  • Ajuda National Palace;
  • Lisbon Oceanarium;
  • Jeronimos Monastery;
  • Alfama;
  • Miradouro da Senhora do Monte…