Tips to Travel at Ease with Your Kids

Travelling with kids can be difficult. It can be compared to bringing your hyperactive pets to a soiree. ┬áIf they are your own or you are just babysitting, it is best to be ready for the worst case scenario, we would not want people to be angry at us due to our kid’s behavior.

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Let them explore

Kids love to look around and explore new scenery. Let them have time to look around and see new wonders for their eyes.

Plan everything ahead

You might get used being spontaneous and taking risks – this must change if you are travelling with your kids. Travelling without a secure hotel room is a sure recipe for disaster, you would travel over and over again with your kids constantly crying and having a meltdown.

Have fun activities

This might be your child’s first out of town trip, so you must prepare a lot of activities to entertain your child for the whole trip. If you have a long trip towards your destination, it is best to have puzzles, coloring books, stickers, portable games ready for your kids to enjoy.

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Prepare a variety of snacks

It might be easier to pack chocolate and sweets for a long journey, it is best to avoid these to your kids – you might arrive to your destination during their sugar rush and you might not be able to control them. Plan their snacks beforehand and pack them in Ziplock. It might include bread sticks, fresh fruit, bagels, and etc.

Keep your First Aid Kit near you

Travelling with kids means carrying a fragile being with you. You must carry a first aid kit that includes plasters, painkilling syrups, antihistamines, their vitamins, and etc. Although it might be bulky for your luggage, it is best to be prepared than be sorry later.

Write simple notes for your fellow passengers

This is best applicable if your travelling in an airplane or any public transportation. But remember, writing a note for your fellow passenger will not give you a free pass to let your child be rowdy. You will just be given more time to control and calm down your child.

Wet wipes and tissue papers are your best friend

Even if your child is potty trained, it is best to pack wet wipes and tissue papers for unforeseen events. You can never tell how long the line is to the rest room.

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Pack extra clothes

This is a no-brainer tip, but we will repeat this one. If you are planning to stay for five days, pack at least eight to 10 days worth of clothes. The extra clothes are meant for unforeseen accidents due to food, poop, and other stains during the trip. You would not want your kids to have a big stain over their shirt/dress during your journey.

Let them be creative

Let your kids have fun and let their imaginations explore. You can bring notebooks, pens, pencils, Kindle, iPad, headphones, and other leisure devices suited for them.


These are just some tips and tricks to have a fun-filled travel with your kids.

Featured Photo by Kevin Shorter