Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations

Do you know where to find the most beautiful beaches in the world? Of course, there are many extraordinary beaches; they are one of a kind, unique and charming. So if you want to swim or sunbathe surrounded by the amazing sand, ocean, and nature, we selected 10 beaches that will leave you speechless.


Maldives beaches are favorite tourist destination worth visiting at least once in your life time.  Tiny, pearly white sand, crystal clear water and lagoons, will make your dream vacation come true.

Every hotel is perfectly equipped, especially for water sports. Diving is a trademark of the Maldives and unforgettable experience and there are also excellent diving teachers to help you discover hidden underwater ridges, ship wrecks and areas with the most attractive marine animals.

maldives photo

However, this earthly paradise has its own problems. Global warming has affected Maldives badly: 90% of the islands have disappeared due to rising sea levels. You should expect to see sand pumped back onto beaches and many seawalls around popular resorts.


Fiji or Fiji Island is a country and archipelago located between Hawaii and New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a volcanic origin.

The two most popular island for tourists are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. There you’ll find a lot of interesting places, vivid night life, traditional villages and luxurious hotels.

Fiji Islands have to offer intact nature, wilderness, coconut plantation, ancient villages…Beaches are beautiful with soft, white sand, blue ocean and colorful coral reefs.  They radiate with cozy atmosphere and are great for snorkeling.

Leleuvia, Waya, Vomo, Mana, Monuriki, Navini, Castaway are one of the best beaches in the world and they all are a part of Fiji Islands.

Fiji is a safe and friendly country but as anywhere else, basic caution is recommended. Take care of your personal stuff and keep them in the hotel safe.

Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Crescent shaped beach on the Kohala Coast, with white sand, palms and calm, blue water is an ideal place for relaxing. You can enjoy first class swimming, sunbathing, diving and surfing.

Nights on the Kauna’oa Beach are exceptionally beautiful, just lay on the sand and look at the stars or at the rays in the ocean.

If you want to swim, be careful because there are no lifeguards on this beach.


One of the most photogenic beaches in the world, Anse Source d’Argent is located on La Digue island in the Indian Ocean.

Pale pink sand shimmering against black, granite walls, turquoise water with coral reefs make Seychelles a real heaven on the earth.

seychelles photo
Photo by dibaer

It is possible to visit neighboring islands by ferry or even a helicopter which is a very adventurous way to get to know this place called “the paradise garden”.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

The magical island of French Polynesia in South Pacific is surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs and is only 29 km long. In the middle of the Bora Bora island, there are remains of a former volcano, shaped like two peaks – Ottoman and Paia.

Bora Bora is called a “romantic island” because it’s a perfect place for couples: it has isolated beaches, calm atmosphere and cozy hotels. Special attractions are bungalows with see-through floors which are posted above the sea water.

One of the problems Bora Bora has is polluted water. It is way more polluted than any other surrounding island.

The Hamptons, New York

Attractive place for wealthy tourists, the Hamptons, has one of the best beaches of Long Island.

The coast starts near Southampton and stretches to the east side reaching Montauk island.

The Hamptons beaches provide peace and quiet, you can enjoy the clean air and popular surfing spots.  It is hard to select one beach due to its wide selection, so you should visit them all: Cupsogue Beach, Rogers Beach, Tiana Beach, Meschutt Beach, Ponquogue Beach…

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

White, shimmering sand mixed with the rustling of the palm leaves, the smell of salt in the air, rich tropical vegetation and a lot of sunny moments is what makes Lanikai such a picturesque beach.

lanikai photo
Photo by karendesuyo

Beach is protected from the wind thanks to the coral reefs, water is always perfect like for the postcard view.  The bad side of this beautiful beach is that there is no facilities, no parking, no lifeguards and no restrooms.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Nantucket island is the most popular beach of Massachusetts. Water is relatively calm, and the sand is perfect for making sand castles, which is also the main source of fun at this beach. Excellent for surfers and is a good spot for romantic sun sets. Nantucket beach radiates with reminiscent atmosphere, it is similar to a romantic novel atmosphere.

Nantucket Island has a lot to offer: bird-watching high points, bike trails, mini-golf, historical walks. It is really diverse and has something for everyone.

Jaz, Montenegro

If you want to complete your vacation with adventure, culture and entertainment, then this wide, sandy beach is the perfect choice for you.

Near the Jaz beach is the city of Budva and Dubrovnik – popular tourist cities in the Adriatic sea.  Apart from swimming, you can enjoy sports like rafting or paragliding or even you can visit the unique city outdoor theatre.  Also, you can enjoy delicious local food.

What we would highlight as a flaw of the Jaz are prices. It is not small budget destination

Vik Beach, Iceland

Black sand, foggy view, and monster stories are what attract tourist to this place. It is the total opposite of what you think when you hear the word beach.

vik beach photo
Photo by FerTravelPhoto

It is the southernmost part of the Iceland. Provides excellent views of puffins in the cliffs above the beach; has one of a kind black sand and beautiful coastal erosion. Stunning and dramatical in so many ways, mystical and fairy tale beach, but sometimes, it can get windy and cold.