Ultimate Travel Guide: Be One with Bali

Bali, found at the heart of Indonesia, is a great place to relax your body, mind, and spirit. Though this might be a small island, it has a lot of oceans, volcanic mountains, and rich rain forests. You could learn a lot of Balinese culture through your stay here.

balinese photo

Here, we will be listing down some activities for you to enjoy your stay at Bali, Indonesia.

Relax at Jimbaran

La Joya, found in Jimbaran, offers the best spa experience throughout Indonesia. You can have the best sea experience while you are relaxing. You can rest on the open air villa that will release your stress and finally free your body and mind through looking at the grandest scenery.

Sleep at a theme hotel

Sleeping at a hotel is customary if you are visiting a foreign nation. But, Indonesia offers quite a unique experience for their guests. You can book budget hotels, majestic villas, to crazy themed hotels! You can sleep with the animals in the Mara Safari Lodge if you like to.

Villa Seminyak photo
Photo by luxviz

You could also stay at water villas such as the Bambu Indah, Villa Seminyak, and Villa Laksamana if you would want to see fishes every day, all day long.

If you are an environmentalist, you can stay at the Sharma Springs Bamboo house is known for their environmentally friendly hotel.

Drink while having a haircut

If you missed out on your monthly haircut, why not try one in The Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel? This offers quite a unique experience. From exquisite tunes from their local artists, up to the Happy Hour everyday!  You can even get a free gin tonic if you have your hair shaved during the Boys Night Out. You can meet new people, chill, drink, and have an amazing haircut for a cheap price.

Dine with whoever you want

Known for their imaginative culture, Bali offers unique and unimaginable dining experiences! You can dine at amazingly interesting themed restaurants. You can eat with Frankenstein, lions, pirates – name it, they have it!

Futher, they also have restaurants atop a live volcano! The Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant is found on the edge of crater on Mount Batur – it is an active volcano! Imagine the thrill of having an exquisite dining experience alone or with your loved ones.

Pomegranate bali photo
Photo by travelourplanet.com
Mount Batur photo
Photo by Mount Batur Volcano

Other than that, you can also dine in solidarity. Some restaurants, such as the Pomegranate, offers a ‘me-time’ experience for their guests. You can dine in their man-made paddy fields to have that nature experience we are craving for.

What a theatrical performance

Indonesia is known for their great theatrical performance, what better way to know the country than to watch at the Devdan Show.

The show offers a traditional yet unique theatrical tribute to Indonesia, you just sit back and relax – and they will take you to an amazing Indonesian culture tour!

These are just some of the ways to enjoy your visit in Indonesia. There are still tons of things that we miss out, but we prefer you to do these things first.