Ultimate Travel Guide: Why Visit Maldives Now

Maldives is considered as one of the paradise here on earth. If you are planning your next international trip, why not go to Maldives?

It might be scary to travel to Maldives at first, but, it will be worth it. Time to step out of your comfort zone and see the beauty of Maldives.

Here, we will be listing down reasons why you should visit Maldives now.

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Fresh fish

If you want to become one with nature, a sure way is to buy and eat fresh fish. Maldive’s fish market is a fresh sight for everyone, you will see giant tuna laid out and you will choose what you want to take home.

A kilo of quality tuna is around $3.80, but you need to be early to get the freshest one.

Dining with the fishes

The first underwater restaurant can be found at Conrad Maldives Island resort. The restaurant is submerged five meters under the sea, with 14 seats available. They serve the freshest fish for you. You can admire the beauty of nature, while dining with the fishes.

Shark sanctuary

Maldives has become a prominent shark park since 2010. You can have a night dive with the great sharks, spot hammerheads, or watch the majesty of the whale sharks. You can never tell when they will arrive, you need to take your chance while they are there.

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Not just a photo anymore

If you ever have a preset laptop wallpaper, you would recall seeing palm trees, white beaches, a hammock, and a big umbrella. But when you visit Maldives, it won’t be a photo anymore. You will experience the sun on your skin and the breathtaking view right in front of you. Just sit back, relax, and drink a cold one.

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One great thing about Maldivian resort spas is they have glass floor. You can see baby sharks swimming below and have an extraordinary time while having an amazing massage. Also, there is an underwater spa, your world will be filled with fishes and sea creatures.

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Scenic snorkeling spots

Maldives is also known for its marine biodiversity. Resorts offer snorkeling to guests to view their spectacular marine life. You can see an array of sea creatures such as lionfish, parrotfish, sting rays, clowfish, and etc. You can expect a lot of sea creatures of different colors.

Meeting the locals

One negative thing about travelling is the high fees due to the place that you will be staying. But, the government of Maldives recently launched its integrated resort development project. You can find cheap places to stay and experience Maldives with the locals.

Dolphin watching

Since Maldives is the home of marine biodiversity, you can surely view dolphins swimming and leaping to air for a spin. You can travel by boat to get near them, but they are not trained to follow any commands.

These are just some of the reasons why you should come to Maldives. You deserve to stay at this paradise and see the wonders of nature.


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