World’s Top 8 Culture Trips

Enjoying many cultural attractions is the best way to connect to the destination you are visiting.

Whether you are captivated by the traditional dance, the power of classical music or even spectacular architecture, we’ll suggest Top 8 destinations that will reward you with beautiful cultural content.


It is almost impossible to miss out that famous place for street performers in Barcelona.

Numerous street dance & music performers as well as “human sculptures” had turned Las Ramblas into a world of fun, music and colorfulness.  Take a look at Sant Pere, La Ribera, Barceloneta, Montserrat and enjoy rich Spanish heritage. This vivid place will make your heart and soul dance and you will never be bored.

barceloneta photo
Photo by Pierre Phaneuf


London is a city of culture, history and fashion. It is busy, modern and has one of the best cultural content and attractions in the world. Be sure to visit Hyde Park, Richmond Park, British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum. Meet famous people at the Madam Tussauds or shop ate the largest urban shopping center at Westfield Stratford.

It is inadmissible not to visit Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, London Eye…

The British capital conquers, shocks, delights and seduces its visitors; one thing for sure – you will not remain indifferent.

ROME, Italy

The magnificent Mediterranean capital charms and overflows with its rich culture and history. You will need a lot of time to get to know Rome, to fuse with its tradition and to hear the whispering of the ancient Roman stones.

pantheon photo

In Rome, there are many quality restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, it is a home of extraordinary museums and archeological sites that you do not want to miss.

Visit: Circus Maximus, Vatican, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Forum Romanum…

BERLIN, Germany

The German capital is known as a hedonist destination where you will enjoy the best beer and food as well as bohemian pleasure center. Also, it is a real magnet for history lovers.

Besides that, Berlin is one of the biggest creative centers in Europe, and in recent years it has become family destination number 1. Berlin is a city that has a lot to offer: from traveling into distant European history to numerous attractions on the streets, parks and lakes.

German capital presents a unique spirit of Central Europe, it had witnessed glorious fame and defeat. It’s impressive and captivating.

Visit: Museuminsel, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Zoo, Brandenburger Tor…


Belgrade is the center of art and culture of Serbia and Southern Europe. It offers a diverse cultural content, including museums, theaters, music and film festivals like BITEF, BEMUS, BELEF and famous Book Fair.

knez mihajlova ulica photo
Photo by boki24

Belgrade has many archeological sites and historical monuments and buildings like Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, The Old Palace, The Victor Monument, Knez MIhailova Street…

Belgrade has excellent shopping opportunities and amazing nightlife where you can have a lot of fun at local bars, clubs and floating river clubs.

FES, Morocco,  Africa

For centuries, Fes has been scholar center of the world. Locals call it the knowledge capital and the first association is Al Qarawijjin, a mosque that eventually became a university.

Fes has three parts: Medina Fesa – old city, Fes-Jddid or new Fes and Ville Nouvelle – the newest part built by French. The old city of Fes is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We recommend you to visit four imposing Gates of Fes, Fes el-Bali and ancient quarters of Medina.


A small Asian country, officially the kingdom, is a cultural, history and heritage site worth your attention.

Nature is wild, beautiful and intact with green mountains and lakes. Although small, Bhutan is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

Its culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism and has many ornate temples and fortresses – a real archeological treasure.

To feel the influence of Buddhism and ancient Himalayan kingdom visit Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Phuntsholing and Bumthang.


Dubrovnik is a town located in the South of Croatia, on the Adriatic sea coast. The city surrounded by massive walls is well known for its long and turbulent history, centuries old architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and glorious baroque churches.

Today, Dubrovnik is a top tourist destination that attracts many tourists from around the world.

dubrovnik photo

Old city (Stari Grad) is for sure the most interesting part of Dubrovnik. It is surrounded by medieval walls that bring the sense of the ancient time.  You will be amazed by the mystical atmosphere that this city emits.

Dubrovnik is an architectural jewel, mainly the mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, so visit all of its parts: Stradun, Bokar, Mircheta, Onofrio Fountain…